14 - 16 February 2012
Conflux will participate at the international fair ZOOM by Fatex, organized for the professionals in the field of fashion, which will be held in Paris.
20 - 22 september
The company shall participate as exhibitor at ZOOM BY FATEX - PARIS NORD VILLEPINTE , organized as part of PREMIERE VISION PLURIEL.
24-27 May 2011
Conflux will participate as an exhibitor at TEXPROCESS International Fair 2011 in Frankfurt.
CNN Report - an interview with the Commercial Director of Conflux.



We take great pride in our most important asset: a team of 170 employees, meeting our clients’ requirements with responsibility and passion.

30 years of experience in the textile clothing field

Managing team with competence and experience of more than 30 years in the design and production of textile clothing, together with staff qualification and flexibility allowing Conflux to organize the activity on multiple directions:

  • constructive and technological product design, assisted by the computer
  • elaborating technical documentation for production (calibration, compliance, prototype execution, adjusting labor and materials costs, work indications, etc.) for personal needs and for third parties
  • creating collections
  • planning for and ensuring the technical-material basis
  • planning for and manufacturing the serial production with a wide range of fabric production and special processing technology (embroidering, pleating, creasing, painting, washing, etc.)
  • various services such as:
    • testing and/or organizing new production capacities, specialized for certain varieties
    • supervising production and quality control for external production capacities
    • importing and/or supplying raw matter and exporting finished products
    • internal and international cargo transports
    • organizing and insuring room and board and transport needs for customers during their stay in Romania